Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine
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Bar Harbor, Maine, is as much a state-of-mind as it is a real place. Nestled on the north side of Mount Desert Island off the rugged coast of Maine, it represents different things for many people. At the heart of these lies a shared vision of salt air, majestic views, great seafood, good conversation, and the doorway to Acadia National Park.

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Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is one of those unique places that can energize us in a way that we need. For those lucky enough to have visited here when young, there may be specific memories that come to mind or just a surge of feelings that seem to tingle to the edge of our skin. While at various corners of the earth, our internal compass still points the way to her shores where we long to return for that quiet respite from the challenges of our lives. This is the place we choose in order to feed our souls.

Get up early just before the dawn, to embrace the twilight as it sweeps over the darkness, giving way to the golden sun. Let your senses peak as you hear the waves splashing across the rocks and colliding with the supports of the pier. The cries of sea gulls echo from all sides and above. Harbor lobstermen ready themselves for another day of gathering traps. We are in the middle of this reality, aware of the sound of silence, and the clarity that the clean air brings to our body and mind.

The Bar Harbor experience encompasses much more than its municipal boundaries imply. It is like the hub of a gigantic wheel whose spokes point to outlying areas to be discovered by all. The most well known is Acadia National Park, the crown jewel of the north atlantic coast. From the shores of Sand Beach, to the clear waters of Eagle and Echo Lakes, to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, there is much to enjoy here.

There are also many charming coastal villages to visit such as Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Somesville, and Bass Harbor. To the northeast on the mainland is a special part of Acadia National Park called the Schoodic Peninsula. Well known villages near there are Winter Harbor, Gouldsboro, and Corea.

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