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How to Order Photos

Locate the image you want by clicking on smaller images. Note the print number below the larger image. If no number is given, note the web address or print out the actual web page and include it with this order. Images are usually in the 4x6 format ratio. Dimensions may vary slightly. Panoramics are also available at special pricing (Please inquire). Prints are photographs or giclee prints on archival quality paper. Photos are available as prints only or mounted & framed. GROUND SHIPPING is INCLUDED within lower 48 continental states. Publishers may for publication use rates.

9" x 14" photo: $65 • Mounted & framed photo: $185
13" x 20" photo: $99 • Mounted & framed photo: $295
16" x 24" photo: $145 • Mounted & framed photo: $375
20" x 30" photo: $175 • Mounted & framed photo: $495
24" x 36" photo: $235 • Mounted & framed photo: $595 (check availability)
28" x 42" photo: $295 • Mounted & framed photo: $725 (check availability)

For special flat 3 inch wide frame, add additional 10%. Maine delivery addresses add 5% Sales Tax.
Send a Money Order or Cashier's Check made payable to:

Greg A. Hartford
P.O. Box 3911, Brewer, ME 04412
Phone: (207) 991-2495 • 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST

Mention the Print's Number, size, your name and email address, and the name and address to ship it to. If the print does not have an order number, or if you cannot print the page that the image is on, call or send an stating the web address of the image you are interested in. We will verify that we are discussing the same image. Once done, follow the ordering instructions above. Please allow at least 3 weeks from when we receive the order, depending upon how long it takes for funds to clear and shipping distance. A mounted and framed photo will take longer as this process will be done in Michigan. us for details.

Print this, fill in the information (print clearly), and mail with payment.

Name, email & phone#:

Ship to address:


Print's # and size:

Print's # and size: