Schoodic Peninsula

Scoodic Peninsula

Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park

The Schoodic Peninsula portion of Acadia National Park is very similar to that on Mount Desert Island. It has rocky shores, granite headlands, and is covered with spruce-fir forests. Yet, one has a sense that we can be more intimate with the surroundings. It is less traveled, more quiet, and the land next to it is less developed. The ocean is often close to the roadway so you can easily walk to the water's edge. And since this is a peninsula, there are long sections on both the east and west side where you can get excellent views of the rising or setting sun.

Schoodic PeninsulaComprising about 2,366 acres (after 100 acres were added recently when the naval facility was decommissioned and converted back to national park land), Schoodic Peninsula is the only part of Acadia National Park located on the mainland.

A unique geographical feature often noticed along the shore are black bands of solid rock, sandwiched between the masses of granite as if they were just “inserted” into place. These are volcanic in origin and are referred to as “dikes” or “dykes,” a type of magma intrusion that forced its way through the granite thousands of years ago.

From Bar Harbor and other parts of the eastern side of Mount Desert Island, you can easily see the Schoodic Peninsula and its highest point, 440 foot (130 m) high Schoodic Head. “As-the-crow-flies” it is only about 4 miles away. There are basically two options available to get there. One is to drive there from Bar Harbor using your own vehicle. Via roads, Schoodic Peninsula is about 45 miles away, or about 1 hour's drive time. The other option is to take advantage of a ferry that makes regular (in season) trips between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor, the host village for the Schoodic section of the park. This also takes about 1 hour. Once in Winter Harbor, you would take advantage of the Free Island Explore Shuttle Bus Service there to transport you to various locations.

Photos: Schoodic Shore | Sunrise | View from MDI | Arey Cove | Schoodic Point
Waves | Corea | Cranberry Point | View Bar Harbor

For more information about the Schoodic Peninsula and the villages that surround it, use this interactive Schoodic map provided by Schoodic Map

The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus Service makes regular (in season) stops at the Winter Harbor Terminal and makes other stops in Winter Harbor village, Frazer Point, Schoodic Point, Birch Harbor, and Prospect Harbor. (Refer to their #8 Schoodic Route.) Once back in Bar Harbor, you can connect up with the shuttle again at the Village Green in the center of town.

Schoodic (SERC) Park Entrance GPS: Latitude 44.336629; Longitude -68.057280

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