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Seal Cove, Maine

Seal Cove, Maine, is one of the many gorgeous treasures you will find tucked away off the beaten track on Mount Desert Island. Locals refer to this part of the island as the “quietside” because it is a “much less traveled” section that most visitors do not know about. The village is actually part of the municipality of Tremont and is located on the southwest corner of Mount Desert Island near the more well known Bass Harbor, also part of Tremont. As with most places on the island, Acadia National Park is close by. Be sure to visit the Bass Harbor Lighthouse while in the area.

seal cove in tremont, maine on mount desert islandThe cove is mostly used by local lobstermen so expect to see several lobster boats depending upon the hour of the day it is when you visit. There is a small area to have a picnic that is in an ideal sweet spot to get a panoramic view of the harbor. Because Seal Cove is a well protected cove from the open ocean and on the western side of Mount Desert Island, it is one of a few places with nice potential for capturing a sunset with light and clouds reflected off the ocean below. It is also great for good contrasty images with the sunlit side on the right and shadows on the left as in this sunset image.

There is great potential here for some delightful early morning photos as well although, in the earliest hours, the sunlight is obstructed by trees. When the light finally peaks above them, you can get shots like the one shown above on this page. Note that the light is shining on the left side which is due east.

Seal Cove is off Route 102. (Refer to the Mount Desert Island map to see the location.) As mentioned earlier, it is part of Tremont, Maine. Tremont was originally incorporated as Mansell on June 3, 1848. Just two months later, the name was changed to Tremont. According to the year 2000 Census, the population is 1,529. The village of Seal Cove has a separate zip code of 04674 and is part of Maine's “Down East” Hancock County.

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