Bar Harbor Shore Path

Bar Harbor Shore Path

Bar Harbor, Maine, is forever etched in the memory of those who have spent time here. Far more than just a place on a map or globe, Bar Harbor is where the dreams of men, women, and children merge with the wonders of nature to create a new doorway through which our senses may be filled, while at the same time, guiding us homeward.

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Bar Harbor Shore Path

The Bar Harbor Shore Path is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to have a relatively short but exhilarating walk in a spectacular setting next to multi-million dollar estates on one side, and rocky shores with the open expanses of the ocean on the other. This historic path was first constructed in 1880 during a time of great popularity and expansion when there were as many as thirty hotels in the town. During this period, Bar Harbor was known as Eden and steamboats would arrive at the wharves regularly with people from cities as far away as Philadelphia.

Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, MaineThe 1/2 mile long Shore Path (1 mile/1.6 km round trip) begins at the Town Pier next to Agamont Park then goes eastward along a manmade seawall. You can see this starting point in the photo above. The town pier is in the foreground. Agamont Park is the large lawn area across the middle section. You will see the gazebo just left of the middle.

The path hugs the shoreline as it goes in front of the historic Bar Harbor Inn, then gradually moves in a southeastern direction. Views are strikingly beautiful, especially at dawn with the golden light of the sun. Besides the air being filled with the scent of salt air and seaweed, it will also be punctuated with the smell of wild roses.

Sheep Porcupine Island and Bald Porcupine Island are right off shore. Way in the distance, you will see Egg Rock Island Lighthouse. Beyond this is the Schoodic Peninsula, the only part of the mainland to have parts of Acadia National Park.

The path crosses private property with access granted by owners providing that hikers respect their residences and stay on the path. Please keep this in mind during your walk.

Photos: Agamont Park | Rocky Shore | White Birch | Long Fence | Canopy of Green
Wild Roses | Walking North | Foggy Night

If preferred, rather than looping back once you reach the end of the path, you may elect to get on one of the nearby streets that will take you back to Main Street in Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor Town Pier GPS Coordinates: Latitude 44.392087; Longitude -68.204052

Take A Refreshing Walk on the Shore Path!