Somesville, Maine

Somesville, Maine

Somesville, Maine

Somesville has historical significance in the historical record for Mount Desert Island. (See the History page.) The village is actually part of the municipality of Mount Desert and is where the first settlement took place when Abraham Somes and his family settled there in 1761. As you might have guessed, the village was named after him. The natural fjord leading north to the settlement also was named after him - Somes Sound. The formation is glacier formed and sits right in the central part of the island forming a perfectly protected harbor for the earlier settlers as well as today. (see map below)

somesville, maine location on mount desert islandOne of the most recognizable sights on the island is the arched walking bridge (seen above) situated next to the historic selectmen's building that was constructed in 1780. Anyone traveling south or north on Route 102 through Somesville cannot miss the structure on the west side of the road. (winter view)

On the east is a wide open view into the northern end of Somes Sound. The fjord runs north south with the entrance being seven miles to the south, opening to Southwest Harbor on the west side and Northeast Harbor on the east side.

The main route leading from Bar Harbor to Somesville is Route 233. This connects with Route 3 at the head of Somes Sound. Taking a right will connect you to Route 102 in a little over a mile. Take a left at 102 and watch for the bridge on the right side.

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Photos: Bridge | Autumn | Winter | Spring | Somes Pond

The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus Service makes regular (in season) stops in Somesville. (Refer to their #7 Southwest Harbor Route.) The bus also makes seasonal stops at the Bar Harbor Village Green.

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