Town Hill, Bar Harbor, Maine

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Town Hill, Bar Harbor, Maine

Town Hill is a small village that is actually part of the municipality of Bar Harbor, Maine, on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County. It is located in the northwest part of the island at the intersection of Route 102 and Crooked Road, which heads in a winding “crooked” fashion to the east and arrives at Hulls Cove, another village in Bar Harbor. About half way there, at the place where Norway Drive intersects, is an amazing building that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is called the Stone Barn Farm. Try to see this if you appreciate stone structures.

town hill location in bar harbor, maineThere are some special little businesses in this area but you have to pay close attention to catch them. One of our simple pleasures and favorites is a tiny sandwich shop that sits next to a well known hardware store. It is called Mother's Kitchen and you may notice a full garden next to the tiny building. They grow their own vegetables and the food is created with passion and care.

From Town Hill, there are several options for directions to take in your exploration of the area. As mentioned in the first paragraph, the Stone Barn Farm is a good thing. Route 102 north can take you to the Thompson Island Picnic Area, part of Acadia National Park. Go a little further and you will hit the Maine lobster and seafood places along the stretch in Trenton. Or, you can go south on Route 102 to Somesville, Echo Lake where there is a nice public beach, also part of Acadia National Park. Continue further to Southwest Harbor or the Bass Harbor Head Light in Acadia National Park.

A bit of history: During the summer and fall of the year 1947, there was a severe drought in the State of Maine. The usual amount of rainfall had been reduced by about fifty percent. A 4:00 PM call was received by the Bar Harbor Fire Department on October 17 saying that smoke was seen in a local cranberry bog between Hulls Cove and Town Hill off Crooked Road. This fire continued for a few days at a leisurely pace until high winds entered the scenario. Within a short time, the fire transitioned to a firestorm. At one point, the fire traveled six miles in just three hours. The fire lasted twenty eight days in all before finally being declared as being out on November 14. The area that was burned stretched from Town Hill to as far as the northeast and eastern shores of Mount Desert Island all the way to Sand Beach and Schooner Head. In all, 18,560 acres were burned along with 67 wealthy summer homes, 170 permanent homes, and five historic grand hotels. Nature and man rebounded amazingly well since then.

Take your time and enjoy your visit here. Make your journey a fulfilling one!

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